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This web site was created for those who want to save a life by making *donations to Shelby* to help her with medical treatment costs that are not covered by insurance. Shelby is battling a very serious form of breast cancer and we will need all the assistance that we can generate in order to help Shelby win this battle against cancer. There is a new treatment called Antineoplastons that have proven effective in treating the kind of cancer that Shelby has. We are attempting to create adequate funds to take Shelby to Houston Texas and have her undergo medical treatment using antineoplastons, and other treatments for her difficult cancer. We have decided to create a fund raiser to help generate the necessary funds to treat this cancer. Time is very limited and as the doctor says "time is of the essence." Please take a moment to read Shelby's story and assist us by offering a donation to the PayPal account that we have created for Shelby. We immediately need to raise $5,000 to $10,000 to begin the life saving treatments and therapy.

We bless you from the bottom of our hearts!

John Lushenko, Shelby Lushenko, Johnnie Lushenko, Lorna Lushenko and Jessica Lushenko







My name is Shelby. I am 48 years old and the mother of three children, two girls and one boy. Our two girls are going to college and we are raising our 14 year old son. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 25 years. On April 1, 2009 I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I underwent 10 months of chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of radiation therapy. I rallied all my strength just to keep undergoing chemotherapy. After 10 months of treatment they stopped the chemotherapy and I underwent radiation therapy. I became extremely fatigued and in a great deal of pain during radiation therapy but I continued and finished the therapy. Two years went by and I was doing better.

Then I got mysteriously sick and continued to struggle. I saw my doctor and they did a mammogram followed needle biopsies then by a CT scan, MUGA, and a bone scan.

On November 4, 2011 after several biopsies were done, the doctor told me that I had developed a “new breast cancer on the opposite side of my body.” They said that this was rare and never happens. Now I am faced with 6 additional months of chemotherapy followed by a bilateral mastectomy. I was devastated by this news! They also told me that this cancer aggressive and that I must start a stronger dosage of chemotherapy than I had the first time. This “new cancer” is now in the opposite side of my body.


UPDATE:  *******************************************************

The oncologist put me on four different chemotherapy drugs.  I have been on these drugs for 10 months however they were taking my life away slowly one day at a time.  I cannot tolerate any further chemotherapy because it just makes me so sick.

I have also undergone a mastectomy and they removed the cancer that they could find.  The cancer has come back and is now growing along the mastectomy surgical scar and adjacent to the scar.

They are now only offering radiation to slow the spread of the cancer.  I know that the radiation will also make me sicker.  I am hopeful that I can find alternative treatments that will cure this cancer that I now have and find these treatments before I become too sick to benefit from them.  I successfully beat the first cancer and it was a very difficult triple-negative cancer.  This is a new cancer and I am determined to beat this cancer as well!  I love my family very much and I want to be with them as long as I can.  So we are exploring alternative and complementary treatments that have proven successful in other patients with cancer.  We have exhausted all of our funds, lost our home and are struggling to just pay the basic bills.

Any donation that you could make would be extremely helpful.



I am asking for *your help.* Our insurance will not cover alternative and complimentary treatments.

My husband and children will help me in any way that they can.

I would like to live and watch my family grow and experience the joy of our new grand daughter “Lily.” I just can’t miss this. Our son is only 14 years old and he is very frightened that his mom might not be there for him. I have told him that I will fight this new cancer. We cannot fight this disease without the help and kindness of others.

We invite your *donation* to help us battle this cancer.

To make a donation please click on the "DONATION BUTTON" to contribute using PayPal:

I would like to live without the further damaging effects of chemotherapy and radiation but most importantly *I need your help to win this battle against this horrible disease.* I deeply appreciate *any assistance* that you can provide! God bless you, Shelby Lushenko and Family

*We want to thank you for your contributions. I know you work hard for your money and I know you are not rich. So, thank you and God bless you. It has not been easy to ask for your help. Thank you

Shelby, John, Johnnie, Lorna, Jessica and Lily

Sebastopol, California


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